Welcome to the Finsource Tagger—a very cool data tagging platform!

The Tagger has been designed to help apply an additional layer of data, or metatags, to key data sets including: awards, events, publications, journalists, analysts and editorial opportunities.

The Tagger leverages your expertise as industry professionals and is what differentiates Finsource from traditional databases.

How it works

  1. Untagged data sets are uploaded to the tagger by your Finsource team (eg events, awards, analysts etc) or submitted by the publishers themselves.
  2. Once logged in, users (that's you) will go through each item and tag with the appropriate region(s) and industry tag(s).
  3. Tagged information is then automatically uploaded in to Finsource itself and available for both staff and clients to access.

Things to remember

  • Feel free to apply multiple tags from multiple categories to each individual item. There is no limit.
  • Each item should be tagged with as many industry sectors/key words that are relevant. This will include items that are explicitly stated but should also include a layer of tagging a level deeper, things that clients may not realize are relevant but in fact, are.

Example Event

FIX Expo - FIA Futures and Options Expo is the biggest event of the year for listed derivatives market participants.

Example tags: Derivatives, Options, Trading Technology, Exchanges, Clearing


  • Often you will be tempted to just tag 'industries' but check whether other categories (like asset classes or market infrastructure) apply.
  • You can apply more than one region. If the data point is global eg a reporter whose beat is global or a webinar event available to everyone around the world- please apply all three regions: Americas, EMEA and APAC.
  • Your name is attached to each item you tag so please be as thorough and CAREFUL as you can.
  • If you're not familiar with data item and you've researched it and still don't have a clear idea of what it is or tags it's associated with, go ahead and press 'Skip'. This will put the item back in rotation for someone else to tag—and automatically deliver another data item to tag.
  • If you see something that's inaccurate or needs admin attention, click 'Flag for Review' and a member of the Finsource team will be flagged.